About Us

FreedCorp 89 cc is an Engineering company that specializes in Information Systems Solutions Architecture and Energy Sectors. Where in-house solutions cannot meet certain specialized needs, FriedCorp 89 cc associates with other technology partners.

Project Management

We have experience in the management of complex and large scale projects in both IT infrastructure, engineering and energy domains with Prince II practitioner team. This is done in conjunction with a good management system based on ISO9001:2008.

EMV Systems – Chip and PIN

To increase security on Debit and Credit Card VISA, MasterCard and Europay introduced the EMV standard. EMV standard introduces Chip and a PIN in the payment infrastructure. We also use the Chip technology as part of the Identity Management systems that we implement.


Cryptography is inherent part of all security and ID Management systems we implement. We specialize in Cryptographic systems where we design DES and PKI applications for various implementation.

Certified Information Security System Professional - CISSP.

We specialize in the 10 body of knowledge in Information Security Systems:

  1. Access control.
  2. Telecommunications and network security.
  3. Information security governance and risk management.
  4. Software development security.
  5. Cryptography.
  6. Security architecture and design.
  7. Operations security.
  8. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
  9. Legal, regulations, investigations and compliance.
  10. Physical (environmental) security.

National Payment Systems

We participate in building National Payment System for the integrating to Central (RTGS) and various Transactions Switches. The project consists of using Telecommunication systems including various switches to support payments and settlement messages that included the Reserve Bank, SWIFT, inter-bank and payment associations such as VISA and MasterCard.


We specialize in SWIFT systems. We have participated in various projects. Banks where we have implemented the IBM Message Entry and Routing with Interface to Various Application (MERVA).

Information System Architecture

In general, we design and architect enterprise solutions in any public or financial sector. This includes using the portal technology and Service Oriented Architecture to provide enterprise-wide services.

Self-service systems.

Self-service systems allows for institutions to save on cost, to generate more revenues and increase customer base. These services include providing otherwise back-office complex services to a customer base in a natural and convenient way to customer's touch-points. These touch-points will include Internet, Mobile phones, Smart phones, Point-Of-Sales, ATMs, ... This also always easy introduction of new services and a single view of the client.

ISO 2002 – 2

We use XML and JASON standard to implement most of our systems. These two format are used for transmission and storing of data between various systems. This allows integration and exchange of financial messages of various formats.

Identity Management

Identity management is key for an Information Security System. This is part of the Access Control. This is a crucial aspect of services provided to government and financial sector.

Clients Management Systems

We also design Client Management or Queuing Systems.

Electrical Engineering – Low current.

We have planned, installed and commissioned telecommunication systems in Lubumbashi in the DRC. The installed ground satellite (V-sat) communicated with the Thaicom satellites to provide networking, banking and education services to remote areas in the DRC.

Digital Engineering – digital signals.

During the same project in the DRC, we have installed a satellite modem, router and switches to provide digital signals to the rest of the infrastructure.